Do you suffer from SAD?

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a depression that affects people in the autumn & winter months and typically causes fatigue, grumpiness and overeating. If you've started to feel that summer has come to an abrupt end these few tips might help stave SAD off this year.

1. Get a light-box. This must be specifically for SAD and not one to help with skin conditions such as psoriasis. The light has to be white or blue and at least 10,000 lux (about 100 times stronger than a household light bulb).

2. Watch those carbs. When we're feeling blah we tend to overeat which in turn makes us sluggish and more tired. During the winter months we suffer from a lack of Vitamin D so either take supplements or make sure your diet is rich in this energy-giving vitamin. Eggs, fish, mushrooms are a good source of D2 & D3.

3. Keep active. Nothing more to say here really - we know that being active improves our mood.

4. Don't become a recluse. If you don't have children who need to be taken to sports practice in the winter months it's easy to look out the window and decide to stay put. Keep in touch with your friends and family and ask them to help you if you feel reclusiveness could become a problem for you. Do you suffer from SAD? What coping strategies do you use?

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